Tracks for the realization of the process by the General direction of relations with the autonomous communities and local entities

The public can apply the realization of recognition of signatures to the overall direction of relations with the Autonomous Communities and Localespor Entities mail or in person.

- If you use postal mail, deberá remitir in a on the following documentation:

  • The ORIGINAL document that seeks to legalize.
  • A writing containing at least the following:
    1. Country in which it is intended that the document to take effect.
    2. Contact phone number.
    3. Postal address to which will refer the document, once it has been made the recognition of signatures for the General direction of relations with lasComunidades autonomous and EntesLocales. Alternatively, the interested party may request that the documentation is sent directly to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, so that the corresponding services continue with the processing of the next phase of the diplomatic legalization procedure.

The envelope with the detailed documentation above will be sent by mail to the following address:

Ministry dela presidency and for Territorial lasAdministraciones

Overall direction of Relacionescon EntesLocales Autónomasy communities

Comprehensive office Local Administration (Legalisations service)

(C / Cea Bermúdeznº 46 - 3rd floor. 28003 Madrid

- If the citizen opts for the realization presencial procedure must requestprevious appointment Password